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House Painting

House Painting can Update the looks of your room with modern up to date colors.

The rest of this month we have a special House Painting  price in effect.

It is to paint the three rooms walls only In your house or condo tor $449 including paint.

This special painting price includes:

  • Place all furniture in the center of the room and cover with plastic and cover the floors with drop sheets
  • inspect all walls for holes and cracks
  • plaster all holes and cracks
  • sand all walls
  • paint all walls with two coats of top-quality premium paints such as Benjamin Moore paints or Sherwin-Williams paints or para paints.
  • Remove all plastic coverings off furniture and take up all the drop sheets from the floor.
  • Place all furniture back into the existing places
  • clean up floor

This painting price is based on the usage of 1 gallon of paint per room allowance. Also this is taking into consideration using only light-colored paints over light-colored paints. If priming is required because you’re going from a dark color to a light color and additional coat has to be charged as a percentage of the price.

Generally 1 gallon covers approximately and normal sized room approximately 10′ x 10′.

When painting three rooms in your home it covers a large percentage of your home giving you a good value for your dollar.

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House-painting-Special-Pricing November 14, 2014